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So I went shopping this weekend (always a dangerous activity for my bank account) and I stopped off at Superdrug and picked up a few pieces. Here are the pieces I’ve bought! 

It was only when I was writing my last post (you can see it here) that I realised that my eyeliner is wayyy out of date. I don’t wear eyeliner regularly because I’m a glasses wearer, which means taking them off to do my makeup (I don’t advise anyone attempts eyeliner without being able to see what they’re doing- it ends disastrously). Anyway because it’s out of date I picked up a new one, but I thought it would be fun to compare a REALLY cheap one (Primark) with one that I’ve seen many people recommend (Rimmel). 

The collection eye crayon in ‘Vintage Blush’ is such a gorgeous colour. I picked it up simply because I couldn’t resist! I’m not sure how pigmented it will be or how long it will last but I’ll get back to you all! 

Not going to say too much about these as they are simply repurchases! I mentioned these in my last post (here). Both of these are absolute essentials in my make up bag so I always repurchase once they’ve ran down! 

These matte lip creams by Sleek are absolutely gorgeous colours! I have never tried anything from Sleek as it is not sold in my local stores, and I’ve always wanted to. I admit I have tried on if these, I just couldn’t wait! And since then I’ve been living in it. The nude colour (Birthday Suit) is my favourite, and the one that I’ve tried. It lasts a long time and dries really quickly, and once it’s on it doesn’t really smudge. The burgundy colour (Velvet Supper) is also gorgeous, but it is definitely a winter colour. I bought it because it was ‘buy one get another half price’, and they only had three colours there. The other was a vibrant red, and as I have so many reds I went for this one. I can just tell that the nude one will be my spring favourite! 

This one I technically didn’t buy, it came in the magazines. I bought Elle because Emma Watson is featured, and I absolutely love her. With the magazine was this sample mascara by Benefit, and it’s not as good as I expected. Maybe my expectations were too high, but when I put it on I found it was really clumpy, and just left black blobs on my lashes. Perhaps this just this tube? Or maybe it was just the top and it will get better as I get further down? I’m not sure but I actually found my Rimmel mascara did just as good a job. At the moment, I’m not too fussed about buying the real thing.

So that’s it! Thank you for reading, pop back on Thursday for my next post 🙂

Courtney x

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Everyday Drugstore Makeup Products

As a student, I don’t have endless money to spend on expensive make up, so I don’t own endless amounts of high end products. Here are my recommendations if you are on a budget like me. All prices are taken from the Superdrug website so they are all up to date at the time of posting.


Primer is an important step all make up routines, and this one from Makeup Revolution is really good. It really preps my skin, evening it out and making it 100% ready. This one is great and only costs £5 making it a complete bargain!

The next step for me is concealer, and I use Collection Lasting Perfection. I’ve actually ran out of my current tube and haven’t replaced it yet (I’m dying inside) which is why it’s not in the photographs. The concealer is really good and I find it applies really easily, and as long as my skin isn’t in a really bad condition it doesn’t crease up too much! This costs £4.19.

For foundation I have been loving the Maybelline Super Stay. I find it really difficult to find foundations that don’t make me look like an orange as I’m really pale, and this is the best one so far. The product looks so messy in the photograph (oops!). It applies really well and is the perfect coverage that I need, not too heavy or light. I’d question whether it really DOES last 24 hours, but it is a great foundation. I’m near the end and if anyone as any recommendations for good foundations for people with pale skin, that would be really apprieciated. This is one of the more expensive products from this post, but still won’t break the bank too much costing £8.99. 

The final stage for the face is setting powder, and I use Rimmel Stay Matte. This powder is really easy to apply, and works really well. Something I love is that the powder doesn’t crumble or break, as I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation before where our powder has been dropped and cracks, and then just goes absolutely everywhere! This costs £3.99.


For eyeshadow I’m been using this make up palette from Makeup Revolution. The colours are all of my favourite eyeshadow shades, as I wear lots of browns and neutral colours. In the palette there is a mixture of matte and shimmery eyeshadow, but they are all highly pigmented and easily last all day. The only eyeshadow in the palette that isn’t great is the white, as for some reason this just isn’t pigmented and takes a long time to apply and build up. Luckily I have never had the need to wear white eyeshadow, and I just use it as a base for the other colours, in which it works well. This costs £4.

I rarely use eyeliner because I’m a glasses wearer, which makes applying it even more difficult than usual because I can’t actually see what I’m doing! When I wear contacts, I use this gel liner by Collection. I have to admit that I have only tried a couple of others, because I don’t wear it often, but it seems average quality to me. Only when I looked up the price did I earliest it ha sheen discontinued, so it’s obviously old and should be binned. If you have any eyeliner recommendations or techniques you use if you’re a glasses wearer, I would love to hear them!

As I don’t wear eyeliner, it’s really important to me to exaggerate my lashes. I use a mix of the Makeup Revolution Amazing Curve, and the Rimmel Wake me Up. I find that the different wand shapes mean that I get the best look possible, as the Rimmel lengthens my lashes and the other curls and shapes them. They both work well alone, but I do prefer to use them together. The Rimmel mascara costs £7.99, and the Makeup Revolution one costs £2.99 in store, but I can’t find it online!


This lipstick is my current favourite. It is a Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in shade 885, Midnight Merlot. It has been perfect over the winter as I love a berry colour more often. This lipstick is well pigmented and lasts all day, and I absolutely love it. I’m going to get a few more in other shades as the lipstick is just absolutely perfect. This lipstick costs £6.99 so is just the perfect price too! 

So thank you for reading, if you’ve reached the end of this very long post. Thank you for reading and please follow so you see my next posts. If you have any product recommendations please leave the below! 

Courtney x

Lifestyle Favourites

As you can see by my blog title, I’m an obsessive person. That’s not meant in a weird, creepy or stalky way, just that I throw everything into anything I like. With this is mind, here are some of the things I’ve been loving. 


Sherlock- Oh my goodness WHY have I not started this before? With everyone raving about how amazing the new series was, I thought I’d give it a try. After my friend insisted that I had to go back to the beginning and watch them all, I did, and it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m actually obsessed with it, it’s just so clever and I just love it! Since watching it, I’ve tried the original books, but they’re just too long and sadly didn’t hold my interest. I’m looking for other things like this, or with the actors in, so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments. If you haven’t watched it, try it! The episodes are long which puts many people off but you won’t regret it. 

Gilmore Girls- Another one that I’ve only just started, but it’s so good! There are so many episodes which put me off slightly but I’m slowly getting through them. I’ve heard it gets better as the series go on so I’m looking forward to that. 


Sarah Morgan-I’m aware that she is an author and not a book, but I couldn’t choose which one of hers to pick. I absolutely love her books and they just hook me completely. They’re all romantic books, but she varies the story lines all the same. The only slight negative (and it’s not even that bad) is that most of her books are based at Christmas. This is great around the holidays, but means you don’t get the same impression when you read them in the summer. I can’t pick a favourite out of her books, but I absolutely love her medical based ones. The Ebook versions of her books are quite cheap so I really suggest you try one! 


Mini Eggs- THEY’RE BACK! Whoooohoooo! I just love these so much. My love for mini eggs is greater than anything else. 

So thank you for reading! Come back here on Thursday for a new post and follow so you get notified! 

Courtney x

John Frieda Go Blonder Review

I’m a natural blonde, but a few months ago I decided I wanted to go lighter. I don’t like dying my hair, as it’s very thick and takes about 500 boxes of dye to achieve a good result. So I needed an alternative, and I decided to use a gradual change shampoo and conditioner. 

I tried the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner, costing £6.99 each from Boots. These products worked miracles at the beginning. I washed my hair with it once or twice a week, and within 3 weeks there was a visible difference in the colour. Alongside this, I used the spray, which I would put on daily, also costing £6.99. All of these combined created really good results, and I’m really happy about the colour it gave me. 

However, it does have its disadvantages. Perhaps it’s just me, but it was hard to get an even colour across all the strands of hair, probably because it’s so thick. It really exaggerates the difference between the new and base colour. Also, it did get to a point where my hair started to go yellow rather than blonde, but that is probably still down to me over applying in certain areas. 

Now onto the spray, the only disadvantage to this is that it smells slightly vinegary, that is so not a word haha! I would actually say that this made more of a difference than the shampoo and conditioner as I used this everyday. 

Overall, I’d recommend these products if you’re aiming to go a lighter shade of blonde. What products do you use? Have you got any recommendations?

Courtney xx

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February Goals

Wait what?? HOW on Earth is it February already?

Well actually, I’m so happy January is over, as it brought mock exams, bad weather and an overall average month for me. With that in mind, I’ve decided to set some goals for myself for February, to try and brighten up the year…

Workout- It feels so clichéd saying this, but really it is an important goal. We all slack over Christmas, and I know for me this continued into January as well. To quote Legally Blonde ‘Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy’. I think a positive outlook on life makes everything appear better, so this is only an added bonus. I really want to go for a run everyday, but as I’m sitting here now looking out the window while I write, the weather is reminding me that it’s not a good idea. Perhaps I should walk before I run, and take that saying quite literally and get out everyday, more than just walking to work.

Read Everyday- Although it is important to keep your body healthy, you have to stimulate your mind too. I’ve really struggled to get into a book so if you have any recommendations, leave them below in the comments, any genre!

Keep Updating my Blog- I’ve had many different blogs over the years and nothing has quite felt right. I’ve tried to follow the trends too much rather than just writing about what I want, which means the blog hasn’t been ‘me’. That’s why I’m starting afresh, with a whole new name, as a fresh start.

Have Me Time- I get so caught up in life, with work and college and everything else that I never take time to stop and relax. I’d like to take some time each day to do this, whether that’s a nice bath at the end of the day, or perhaps some time with a book, thinking back to goal 2.

Save Money- I am the absolute worst person for buying loads of random stuff I don’t need, and spend any free time I do have browsing (and buying) things online. I either send it all back which is just a waste of time, or keep lots of things I don’t wear or use, that just end up taking space I don’t have.

Declutter- Everything is going! No but seriously my wardrobe needs a huge sort out, and that is a necessity. I’m going to sort out a bag of stuff and take I to a charity shop, at least the I won’t feel guilty throwing anything away.

So that’s a wrap! Thank you for reading and I hope you return for next time. Posts every Monday and Thursday.

Courtney xx

P.S. Legally Blonde is a great film, 100% recommend it!