John Frieda Go Blonder Review

I’m a natural blonde, but a few months ago I decided I wanted to go lighter. I don’t like dying my hair, as it’s very thick and takes about 500 boxes of dye to achieve a good result. So I needed an alternative, and I decided to use a gradual change shampoo and conditioner. 

I tried the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner, costing £6.99 each from Boots. These products worked miracles at the beginning. I washed my hair with it once or twice a week, and within 3 weeks there was a visible difference in the colour. Alongside this, I used the spray, which I would put on daily, also costing £6.99. All of these combined created really good results, and I’m really happy about the colour it gave me. 

However, it does have its disadvantages. Perhaps it’s just me, but it was hard to get an even colour across all the strands of hair, probably because it’s so thick. It really exaggerates the difference between the new and base colour. Also, it did get to a point where my hair started to go yellow rather than blonde, but that is probably still down to me over applying in certain areas. 

Now onto the spray, the only disadvantage to this is that it smells slightly vinegary, that is so not a word haha! I would actually say that this made more of a difference than the shampoo and conditioner as I used this everyday. 

Overall, I’d recommend these products if you’re aiming to go a lighter shade of blonde. What products do you use? Have you got any recommendations?

Courtney xx

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