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As you can see by my blog title, I’m an obsessive person. That’s not meant in a weird, creepy or stalky way, just that I throw everything into anything I like. With this is mind, here are some of the things I’ve been loving. 


Sherlock- Oh my goodness WHY have I not started this before? With everyone raving about how amazing the new series was, I thought I’d give it a try. After my friend insisted that I had to go back to the beginning and watch them all, I did, and it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m actually obsessed with it, it’s just so clever and I just love it! Since watching it, I’ve tried the original books, but they’re just too long and sadly didn’t hold my interest. I’m looking for other things like this, or with the actors in, so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments. If you haven’t watched it, try it! The episodes are long which puts many people off but you won’t regret it. 

Gilmore Girls- Another one that I’ve only just started, but it’s so good! There are so many episodes which put me off slightly but I’m slowly getting through them. I’ve heard it gets better as the series go on so I’m looking forward to that. 


Sarah Morgan-I’m aware that she is an author and not a book, but I couldn’t choose which one of hers to pick. I absolutely love her books and they just hook me completely. They’re all romantic books, but she varies the story lines all the same. The only slight negative (and it’s not even that bad) is that most of her books are based at Christmas. This is great around the holidays, but means you don’t get the same impression when you read them in the summer. I can’t pick a favourite out of her books, but I absolutely love her medical based ones. The Ebook versions of her books are quite cheap so I really suggest you try one! 


Mini Eggs- THEY’RE BACK! Whoooohoooo! I just love these so much. My love for mini eggs is greater than anything else. 

So thank you for reading! Come back here on Thursday for a new post and follow so you get notified! 

Courtney x


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